Our Commercial Tent & Awning Work in Victoria BC

Sager's - Before & After

Sager’s – Before & After

An awning for your business has become the most common and effective way to market your business from the street. At Pete’s Tent and Awning, we design big, bold and beautiful awnings that will catch the eye of everyone who passes by – and will leave your name in their head.

An awning will provide your business with ample shade which will keep your business cool on hot summer days and in turn save you up to 25% on your energy bills. An awning can also help expand your businesses floor space, and therefore its revenue potential by creating a cooler, enclosed space outside for people to sit or for you to place displays.

Your standard commercial awning will be fixed (meaning it stays where it is 365 days a year) and is made from lightweight and durable aluminum tubing. These awnings can be customized to be just about any size or shape as you want them – so be creative! You can have your awning covered in just about any colour or pattern you can dream up too! Most commercial awnings will use either a heavy duty vinyl cover or an acrylic canvas product called Sunbrella, which is equally if not more durable. For more information on the latter visit our page on Sunbrella products.

Another option, which restaurants and cafés love, is the use of a Lateral Arm awning for the front of their shop. These awnings can extend farther out than a fixed awning, and will provide your business with a place to put table outside without having to worry about the blistering heat of the sun. These awnings also have the ability to extend in and out, so the control is still in your hands.

Check out the How to Choose page for a full list of  Q & A’s & Awning Styles that can help you determine what  style of awning is best suited for your needs.