How to Choose


So, how do you choose? Here are a few things to consider when you are looking to purchase an awning:

What purpose does the awning have?
Commercial or Residential?
Protection or Privacy?
Retractable or Stationary?

Outdoors or Inside?

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Smooth or Flat?
Canvas or Vinyl?
Commercial properties use both materials, where as homes typically use canvas.

New or Existing?

Complimentary or Contradictory?
Light or Dark?
All colours will provide shade, but only light colour will allow light to transmit through.
The majority or vinyl has a white underside, where as acrylic canvas is the same colour on both sides.

Welded or Extruded?
Powder Coated?
Framework is ground and painted at the welds to hide the blackness of welding.
Powder coating is an option that keeps the frame looking better over time. It is included on awnings with open ends.

Fabrics 3-10 Years
Awning 3-10 Years
Always check warranty and inquire about who will pay for labour if fabric must be replaced under warranty.

finished vinyl is the easiest to clean.
Flat finished vinyl and canvas require a bit more time and effort.
Awnings should not be over cleaned.
Minimum of every 2 years and Maximum of every 6 months.
Too much/improper cleaning can remove the factory protection .
This may affect your warranty and cause the awning to weather fast then it should.

Please remember to use professional services, including Emerson Exteriors , on both  Commercial and Residential properties
Check with service provider to make sure products being used will not affect your warranty.